Talk About Fantasy

Some people fantasize about sex, sports, accomplishments, recognition, other worlds/realms, a meal or a moment of peace. Let’s talk about those fantasies.

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Them’s The Rules

Well, I’m already off to a rocky start. The plan had been to write a new blog post each day, talking about what I’ve learned so far, but… life. And a generous pinch of anxiety. It’s a nerve-wracking thing to try and talk about something you are just starting to learn, but I’m gonna pushContinue reading “Them’s The Rules”

What’s In A Fantasy?

I think that there are two things that commonly come to mind when someone mentions fantasy: sex or sports. Yet there is so much more to many fantasies. Some are elaborate visions of tremendous accomplishments or esteemed recognition. Some are simple desires for that last slice of cake or an extra moment of piece inContinue reading “What’s In A Fantasy?”

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